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Monday, February 7, 2011

Watching the Paint Dry

Well, we arent so much watching the paint dry as waiting for the paint to dry, but you get the picture.  J put the cabinet doors back on last week and the kitchen has been completely transformed - completely.  I put the final coat of paint on the drawers this weekend and we are giving them a few days to cure before sitting them back in their respective locations.

I would have taken some pictures of the almost completed project, but the contents of the drawers are sitting out all over the kitchen.  Needlesstosay, I want my kitchen and dining room space back.  I dont want to find my kitties lounging on my silverware any longer and I am looking forward to eating at the dining room table every now and then instead of in front of the TV. 

After the drawers are back in place, there are a few others things that need to be taken care of in the area before it can truly be considered complete.  First, I need to get the curtains up on the windows.  Once I get the master bedroom curtains done, I will be repurposing a long sheer from Target into two custom kitchen curtains.  Second, we are looking for a buffet for the dining room area as well as a new kitchen table.  The one we have from Jonathan's parents has varnish that melts every time it gets the slightest bit warm out and it has a leaf that isnt the same color as the rest of the table.  Ideally the buffet wont stick out from the wall too far, contains storage, and will serve as a depository for our bills and netflix dvds.  We would like our dining room table to seat 6 and have the potential to seat 8 or 10 with additional leaves.  I have yet to find one in a style I like so the search is still on. 

This is the photo of a buffet we may be picking up courtesy of craigslist.  It is solid wood, all the drawers work, and its 6 feet long but only 18 inches deep so it would work great in the space.  Its also only $50 which makes up for the fact that its painted barn red - paint is something we can work with!