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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little (Hairy) Helpers

I have had two snow days in a row.  Actually, its not so much the snow thats the problem, its the ice.  Sadly, I havent left the house in two days and I cant believe I am saying this, but I miss going to work.  I am done sitting around in my sweats and having to clean house.  I am done.

I am also done with sewing my first set of curtains!  I made tab top curtains out of a FABULOUS fabric I got at Calico Corners.  Its beautiful.  Its my new love - sorry J. 

There is a Boo Kitty hiding under there!

As soon as I got the fabric out to measure and cut, I found that I had some very cute helpers. Vomer and Boo had the best of times with the fabric.  They practiced their run and slide move and they burrowed underneath it.  All this,of course, made it nearly impossible to cut a straight line.  Still, how can you be mad when they are so darn cute?

I will post pictures of the completed curtains once we get them hung on the rod.