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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Reveal

I have been talking a lot about our new kitchen and how wonderful the transformation turned out.  I have been beaming about how bright and airy it appears and how much happier it makes me.  I have been talking about the new buffet and the great plans I have for a dining room table. Well, here it is...the "new" kitchen.

It went from this:

To this:

And all in just a few weeks time.

Here are a few more pictures that will hit it on home. 

We are planning to paint the inside of the open cabinet for a more polished look

There will soon be curtains on the window, but doesnt the white frame look gorgeous!

This is a view from the living room into the kitchen.  We selected colors that transition well between rooms.
We are just SO thrilled with the results.  The cabinets are still old and busted but they are much more tolerable and the new color scheme makes even being in the room more pleasant.  I am less grumpy when cooking and everything cleans up so much easier now that it has a semi-gloss finish.

I think my Dad is planning on coming to visit at the end of April and one of the projects he may choose to help us with is changing out the light fixtures for something that matches the new decor.  Not only do I not really know what type of light fixture I want in the new space, but I have no idea how to change a fixture anyways so I am waiting for the expert.

While the clutter and disarray in the kitchen left me wanting to tear my hair out, the kitties loved the little nooks and crannies and drawers.  They loved discovering new areas to hide and all the new places they could squeeze their tiny bodies in to.

Vomer particularly loved to wait in the space left vacant by the drawer below the cutting board.  I think she was hoping I would drop a fresh piece of shrimp by accident the entire time.

Boo, on the other hand, liked to curl up in the drawer with the spare kitchen towels.  This of course meant that they all had to be rewashed before reassembling the kitchen. 

The things we put up with for the love of our pets!