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Friday, February 11, 2011

No More Projects

It has been suggested, by J, that I not purchase any more project pieces of furniture until we get some of the current house projects out of the way.  For instance, we still need to paint the entry, hall, both bathrooms, and both bedrooms.  I need to complete the curtains that I started the other day for the Master Bedroom and start the curtain for the guest bedroom once the fabric arrives (its beautiful and I got it 40% off at with free shipping).  I will also need to strip or repaint the buffet and repaint the cute bedside table I bought for the guest room. 

Thats not THAT many projects!  Ha!

I would like to add one more project to the mix.  I want an old 5-panel door and I want to replace the panels with mirrors and hang it on the wall in the dining room over the buffet.  I am not sure if J will go for it or how to even replace the panels with mirrors, but I figure even if it doesnt end up in the dining room, it would make an interesting piece some place in the house.

The picture above is the inspiration I am drawing from.  They ended up putting pictures in place of the panels and hung it on the wall as I would like to do.  The bold color is a great touch but I think semi-gloss white paint bordering the mirrors would make something slightly country a bit more elegant.  Imagine the image below rotated and hung on the wall rather than on hinges...