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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Friend Craig

We have made some great Craigslist purchases recently.

There is the white, soon-to-be-yellow, night stand that I bargained down to $50 from $100.  Who would have paid $100 for it is beyond me, but thats not the point.  The point is that I got it 50% off!

Then there was the shabby chic, barn red buffet that we purchased for the kitchen.  The sellers even delivered the item and all for a cost of $70!  The buffet needs a little work, mainly a new paint or refinishing job, but it looks great in the dining room and provides us storage for those little things that we are still using too frequently to put away in the garage, such as measuring tapes and sanding blocks.  The fact that we got an entire solid wood buffet for the same price as the little white night stand (we paid $20 to have the buffet delivered), makes the shine of the night stand a little less bright, but hindsight is 20/20 and the night stand will soon be beautiful - so there!

Then there was the addition of the sewing box.  I had had my eye on a similar one for $100 but it was black and red and didnt really match our decor.  Plus, at the time, I hadnt fully adopted sewing, so getting the box for a future hobby didnt seem like a wise purchase.  I found this one for $65 and it was in near perfect condition with natural wood finish and three full tiers of storage.  I tried to negotiate its price down to $50 only to settle at $60.  Hey, it was still a $5 discount - thats nearly 10% off!

The last purchase I made was a bit stealthy.  I found a bench that could double as a coffee table for the couch in front of the fire.  The idea was that we wouldnt have to sit in front of the tv when we were watching movies on our computer and we could instead enjoy the glow of a warm fire in the back ground.  It was $25 and I ended up paying full price mainly because I was too lazy to haggle over $5.  Its real wood and in pretty good shape.  There is storage in the seat of the bench and J is fairly certain that its an old piano bench.  I dont have a photo of it since its pretty standard and wont look quite right until we get a rug under it.

As we are totally spent at the moment, there will be no more purchases from Craig although I am keeping my eye out for a dining room table and an antique dresser with a mirror like the one pictured below.