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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Kitchen Project

The hubby and I are beginning the kitchen project this weekend.  We are doing a budget revamp of the space by painting the baby-poop brown walls and bringing some sophistication to the area with a new shade on the cabinets as well. 

Our dining room and kitchen are open to eachother and the living room is open to the dining room so our colors have to be somewhat cohesive.  We are using the same Behr Clamshell color on two of the walls and Behr Cinnamon Cake on the other two walls.  Our trim will be Ultra Pure White like the rest of the house and the cabinets are going to be a chic grey with Behr's Granite Boulder shade. 

The room will look instantly upated since the country style dark varnished window frames will be coated with the semi-gloss white.  Also, we are planning on taking off the cabinet doors to the section of storage that houses our white plates and dishes.  Since they are white and always neatly stacked, I thought it might add some charm and create more of an open feel - plus it will just be a nice change. 

All that means that tomorrow we will be sanding, de-hinging, and priming the area.  Saturday and Sunday will be spent hand painting the cabinets which may be a job reserved for me if J cant keep from making the paint drip.

Anyways, enjoy the before pictures since this will look vastly differnt in just 72 hours!