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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In progress...

J and I have decided to organize our books differently (by color rather than by category) and so getting the room together is taking a bit longer than I had anticipated.  If I had been left to my own devices, the entire house would be painted by now and everything would be in its place.  I probably wold have killed myself getting it done, but it would have been done.  Now J is having us take our time which, I have to admit, is probably better than murdering myself over it all.

Anyways, to prove that we actually did paint the living room this last weekend, here are some action shots.

First we primed...always exciting!

We were good and pushed what furniture we couldnt relocate into the middle of the room and covered it in plastic sheeting.  This worked fine since we werent repainting the ceiling (yet) and we mainly just didnt want kittie paws on our furniture if they happened to get friendly with the paint roller.

We picked Behr paint from Home Depot.  We had used it in the past with great results and found that it covered much better than more expensive Porter paints that Jonathan's parents had used recently for the bedroom remodel.  The colors we chose were Earth Tone for the accent wall and Clamshell for the main part of the room.  We wanted something light to counter act the darkness of the room.  There isnt a ton of lighting in there at night and we didnt want it to feel like a cave.

So even though J is the only one in the photos, I really did put in my share of the effort.  He is undoubtedly better at rolling on the paint than I am, but I am better at edging and painting the trim so we make a good team.

We were presantly surprised by how well the Clamshell paint coordinated with the stone fireplace.  We arent a big fan of the stones or the MASSIVE rustic mantle, but the paint color really softens the feature and will make it much more livable until we can do something about it.