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Monday, April 4, 2011

HUGE Reveal - Guest Bedroom and Bathroom

The fact that my mom is coming to visit has really lit a fire under my ass to get the guest bedroom and bathroom in a more user friendly state.  Jonathan and I have worked diligently to edge and roll every wall and all the trim in both rooms.  We spent multiple weekends cleaning the space, installing hardware, laundering the bedding, and painting some furniture.  I even got to spend a little bit of money on sprucing up the place with new accessories like a mirror and shower curtain for the bathroom.  All the effort has paid off.  The rooms are beautiful and sparkling!  I cannot believe how well they turned out. 

The guest bathroom used to have a large shabby chic mirror with country stars on it.  The walls were painted the same poopy brown as the rest of the house and there was no hardware in the room to speak of.  We repainted, recaulked, rehung a mirror, installed a curtain over the open front built-in shelving, bought a shower curtain, and purchased a matching floor mat.  The room needs some shelving over the toilet and maybe a small bench with storage under the towel hanger and light switches.

The bedroom looks equally fabulous, or perhaps even more so!  I spent a good deal of time transforming a plain wooden table into something vibrant and unique.

The yellow sheets my mom sent matched perfectly and painting the trim of the octagon window was the cheery on top.  The yellow is also highlighted in the curtain.  I was hoping to have a shower curtain made of the same fabric, but in the end it was too expensive and may have been a bit over kill.

I painted the wooden headboard from Jonathan's childhood a glossy white to update it a bit.  I didnt end up decoupaging the remaining curtain fabric onto it since I ran out of time and money, but it may be a project for the future.

Also, since our house only has two bedrooms, the guestroom also serves as an office.  We relocated our large white storage unit that we purchased two moves ago to function as a pantry into office storage in the bedroom.  We also hung the light bulb image we purchased at a local art show above the desk to inspire great ideas - cheesy but true.

In the end, I could not be happier with the results.  I would love to move a full sized bed into the guestroom so that couples could come a stay without having to share a twin - eek - or have to fight it out for the bed or the sofa.  I see a craigslist purchase in our future...