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Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Duvet?

When we purchased the new house J and I finally put our Crate and Barrel gift card that we received as a gift at our wedding to use.  We bought a beautiful duvet that was very outside our design comfort zone but promised to bring some class and panache to the new house.  Well, I have to say, we love the duvet.  It washes well, isnt too wrinkly and it has the most amazing shades of blue.

It also, much to our dismay, shows e.v.e.r.y cat hair.  Its especially bad this time of year when our three little ones are shedding their winter coats. 

J and I arent really blue people.  I own a few blue sweaters and J has a few blue shirts, but if you were to ask us our favorite colors I dont think either of us would come up with blue.  My inclination is to ditch the blue color scheme altogether but seeing as I already spent time and money on those great navy curtains, I really want to find a replacement duvet that incorporates the navy color without having it be the dominant color and, hense, reducing the prominence of our cat hair issue.  I havent been able to find any suitable duvets at Overstock or West Elm which typically have affordable bedding solutions so I began scouring my new favorite website,  I found two potential fabric patterns.

This one by Amy Butler is daring and has a sight Asian influence, but its also a bit...neon.  Unfortunately, requesting a sample of this fabric from isnt an option.  I may be able to find it elsewhere for a sample, but I am not even certain J would go for it and it may still be too dark to correct the original problem.

The second option is a nautical theme by Robert Allen.  Its polyester which may actually act to repel some of the fur but I am not sure if its too yacht-y.  White, navy, and tan are pretty neutral colors so I am hoping that I can down play the boating theme by not incorporating any nautical accessories into the bedroom. 

Personally I am leaning towards 1) new drapes or 2) the Amy Butler print.  Its big and bold and bright and offers a lot more decorating options than the nautical Robert Allen print which is a bit more tame and safe.