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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Duvet Inspiration Take II

Evidently I was right about my other choices.  J felt that the daisy styled print, although he liked it, would suffer the same fate as the duvet we currently have -  The second swirly print just didnt do it for him and he ended up saying that it looked "too much like rope" which is apparently a bad thing.

I was back to square one.  Waverly recently released their new spring line of fabrics but I went to see it yesterday at Joann's and it was just too Eastery for lack of a better term.  The yellows were too bright, even for us, and there just wasnt a lot of depth to the design.  We would tire of it quickly.

I perused a bit and found the new home collection from Ty Pennington, the carpenter turned interior designer.  He has some potentially interesting patterns that are ever so slightly asian inspired.  Online the collection looks like it has spice/persimmon colors along with either taupe or grey.  Depending on what the samples end up looking like in person, they may match the navy curtains well as orange and navy are always a great pairing.  I have ordered samples of the following fabrics to see for my own eyes what the colors really are.

Charcoal Blossom
Honeycomb Spice

Persimmon Lace

Taupe Lace

Tudor Taupe

Wave Spice

Kimono Spice

Tudor Spice

The thing is, even though they are from the same collection its difficult to be certain that all the colors will match or, while the prominent color may match, if the accent colors do as well. 

My idea is to make a duvet out of one of the more plain colors and then have the underside have hints of color.  For example, if the top of the duvet was Kimono Spice and the underside was Charcoal Blossom, it would add some interest to bedding that would otherwise be somewhat monotonous. 

The other option is to go for something grey and white, like this for example.

Waverly Cross Section in Charcoal

I think the white, gray, and navy would make for a timeless and elegant combination.  There wouldnt be too much excitement going on colorwise, but it would be a very relaxing room.