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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why cant it ever be easy?

I just want a threshold piece of wood between the bathroom and the hallway.  Thats all I want.

The piece came off shortly after we moved in.  The prior owners had done a odd piece of mix-and-match to get the wood piece to fit and it had broken off - surprise, surprise!  Now, there is a gaping hole that collects kitty litter and other bits of dust and nastiness between the crappy laminate of the hall way and the crappier tile of the bathroom. 

About two months ago, back when the piece broken off, I thought we had purchased screws long enough to make the repair but evidently we pickup screws that we just long enough to keep the minor project from being completed.  Two months later and nothing had been screwed in.  Nothing was fixed.  No progress had been made on this simple fucking project. 

So, I took it upon myself to get the damned thing done this morning only to find that the screws we had bought for the job were too long and were cheap to boot.  Now I have a stripped screw, a bruised ego, AND and incomplete project.

So I ask you, why cant anything be fucking simple???