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Monday, March 14, 2011

We Will Have A Guest Soon!

Its time to put the guest room back together since my Mom will be visiting at the beginning of April.  That gives us three weekends to get the room in a livable condition.

With help from J's Father, we got the guest bedroom and hall way primed.  It replaced the poopy walls with something a lot less poopy but unfinished nonetheless.  In addition, the guest room turned into the dumping ground for all our extraneous crap.  Everything we didnt know what to do with ended up sitting on the bed or desk.  It dosnt help that this is the room we used for our painting projects either.  All the hardware and home repair supplies ended up in this room too since we dont have very many places for storage in this house. And, while we covered the comforter up with plastic to keep the majority of construction debris away from the fabric, the dust from sanding both the kitchen cabinets and the walls has permeated the room.  Needless to say, it needs a couple coats of paint and a good cleaning!

Thats the easy part.  I have filled the gaps in the window frame with spackle and sanded those parts down, but the trim still needs a coat or two of glossy white paint.  We have picked a beautiful grey paint by Behr called Porpoise that is rich looking but not too dark and the white trim will really make it pop.  The grey we chose matches the grey in the curtain fabric perfectly. 
I have also started work on the headboard.  I want to paint it glossy white and decoupage the recessed portion with the left over fabric from the curtain.  I am not certain if this will make it too cheesy/crafty or if it will look fabulous...I am hoping for the latter. 

There is the issue of the side table to contend with as well.  The one I bought off of CL doesnt seem like its suitable for the space.  After about an hour of sanding, I just dont really want anything else to do with it for the time being and am on the search for a cheaper and more DIY friendly alternative.  I picked out the prettiest yellow paint at Home Depot yesterday and am just itching to paint something with it.  Its Behr high gloss in Citrus Zest and matches both the yellow in the curtain and the yellow sheets my Mom sent us a while back. 

I cant wait to get the room put together.  In reality, the guest room is the nicest room in the house.  It gets the best light and is set a bit further off the street than the master bedroom so its a bit quieter as well.  It has windows on two sides so it stays bright throughout the day and is large enough for both a sleeping area and a desk space.  The grey and yellow is a color palate that I picked after a trip to New Orleans and I think that it makes the space into a living memory of a great weekend and will make the already great room truly special. 

The remaining to-do list is as follows:
  • Paint the walls - Porpoise Grey
  • Paint the trim - Utlra Pure White
  • Rid the room of dust
  • Paint the headboard
  • Attach headboard to the bed
  • Find a suitable night stand and paint it - High Gloss Citrus Zest
  • Hang picture
  • Wash comforter and put yellow sheets on bed
  • Hang curtain
  • Address the issue of the guest bathroom, but thats a whole other post!