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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Small Kitchen Improvements

Its been a bit quiet over here and thats mainly due to lack of funds.  We have still be busy with finishing up some more minor details that actually make a huge impact in the kitchen.


First, I spent a Sunday filling in most of the gaps in the kitchen cabinets with spackle, sanded it, and touched it up with paint.  When the cabinets were black, it hid some of the spacing issues that come with an old kitchen and painting everything a lighter grey shade made these little imperfections fairly obvious (at least to J and I).  Filling in the holes was one of those projects that probably never would have been completed if we had money to move on to the next room.  The space looks much more "finished" with that detail taken care of and we couldnt be happier with the results (unless we had a whole new kitchen). 

Second, I finally took the time to paint the inside of our open cabinet.  By painting the back of the cabinet the same color as the wall and the inside walls of the cabinet the same grey, it really brightens up the space.  No longer is there a black hole on the wall where seemingly no light can enter.  The new paint job also shows off our everyday plates, serveware, and glass storage containers very well. 

Third, and lastly, we had a new faucet installed.  The prior faucet was old and busted - literally.  The sprayer nozzle leaked and had to be pulled out and laid in the sink to keep the water from rushing into the cabinet space below.  Every time we turned the water on the entire system would make a terrible "whoomp, whoomp, whoomp" sound from the air escaping into the pipes.  The faster the water, the more quickly it would "whoomp."  It wasnt good.  In addition,the shallow depth of the sink was accentuated by the low arc of the faucet itself.  The configuration actually prevented us from filling pots with water for pasta.  We had to use a fancy tilt method that was precarious and extremely inconvenient in order to fill the taller of our pots.  We ended up choosing a faucet with a high arc and a sprayer nozzle built in to the head of the faucet.  This left a spare hole in the sink that we will eventually fill with a soap dispenser so we dont have to keep the palm olive out on the sink's ledge.

These seemingly small changes made a huge difference in our happiness with the space.  No longer do we focus on the blemishes in our cabinets and we can utilize the space in a much more comfortable way.  Of course, there is still an extensive wishlist for the kitchen, but our current set up isnt half bad.