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Friday, June 3, 2011

One Boon of a Rug

I must admit, I have been on a bit of a rug kick ever since my mom was in town.  The rugs we shopped for together really had a profound effect on our house and made it feel more like our home.  They added warmth and comfort to the floors and really helped to define each space.

Anyways, since then I have been searching for a rug that would be suitable for our master bedroom.  We had finally found our perfect duvet cover from Dwell Studio.  It was ever so slightly mod and with grey walls (soon) and solid navy curtains, the rug needed accents of both colors and a touch of tradition to round out the mod vibe. 

I found what I hope will be the perfect rug on  Its wool, 8x11, blue, ivory, and grey, and only $171! 

I say that I HOPE this is the perfect rug for the room because the rug that arrived last Wednesday was not that rug.  It came shrouded in opaque plastic and wrapped with the back of the rug facing outwards but it sure didnt look like my rug.  Instead there was a taupe monstrosity that must have weighed at least 150 pounds and whose wool strands must have been the thickness of my finger.  It was quite literally a different rug - no blue or grey to be seen.

The label on the rug said Surya Aros Grey (though it really isnt grey at all which may have been why it ended up on overstock in the first place).  Anyways, the Surya website says that the 8x11 aros grey rug is $1600!!!  Holy mother of rugs batman!  It was the mother load, the score of the decade, rug for the living room.  :)

I wasnt sure J would like it since its very modern looking so I managed to wrestle the dead body rug to the living room so I could roll it out just a bit.  Once I rolled it out, the whole rug came to life.  The strange fingers of pile that were visible along the edge gave way to an ocean of plush wool cylinders laying every which direction.  I was in love. I was in love before I even set foot on it.  Oh, but when I did step foot on it, I was head over heels.  Its like walking on a cloud...and for the mere price of $171!!!

 I just cant get over it.  Thankfully, J gave the go ahead (he also conducted the vacuum test with success) and we moved the furniture around to make room for our newest family member.  It pretty much fills the living room but the color is just a tad lighter than the brown 5x8 rug we had in there before so it doesnt make the room seem too heavy.  The light glints off the pile in various ways depending on the direction of the strand and gives the otherwise solid colored rug a bit interest.  Best of all, I think it meshes well with the collection of other items in the room.  The ethnic rug on the wall, the damask patterned curtains, and the rust colored couch all play well with our steal of a rug!

You can also see the new TV stand we scored at Ikea for $30!
 The blue rug is still on its way (for another $171) but who can argue with such a boon!